If you’ve been following the increasingly popular set of what Sammy is calling “Samsung Apps” then you’ll be happy to know they’ve added one of the biggest new games for Android to their list. Samsung has teamed up with EA Mobile and are now offering the exciting new shooter Dead Space for Android completely free. Sadly Samsung Apps is not currently available in the states, but many other users worldwide can participate on this one — More details below.

When I saw this I was extremely excited. Who doesn’t like free games? Then I remember that although a large part of Northern America is supported, the US is not. All the information and details are available from SamsungApps.com and you’ll also be able to check their map for eligibility there too.

If you’ve been eying a new game for Android or have been hoping for a deal on Dead Space today is your lucky day. Dead Space is a first person shooter with a little horror twist and was highly popular for PC’s and game consoles. If the video above didn’t get you excited then I don’t think I shooter game for Android will.

For those who can, just open up Samsung Apps and start the download — and enjoy. If you aren’t using Samsung Apps yet feel free to hit the source link below and get started today. They offer tons of other awesome games such as Air Attack, Riptide GP and more all for free. The last EA deal didn’t last long so I’d hurry and download this one if I were you.

Samsung Apps Link

[via DroidGamers]