Samsung is teaming up with the International Olympic Committee to present the Winter Olympics like never before. As part of their “Samsung Smart Olympic Games” Initiative, Samsung and the IOC will give each participant at the 2014 Sochi games a Samsung Note 3 for them to use.

Samsung is also creating a Wireless Olympic Works (WOW) app to bring us the games like we’ve never seen before. The app will give up-to-date stats on the Olympics, and present interactive demos of Winter Olympic sports. Athletes will also be able to share pics, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at their experiences for the 2014 games.

The scope seems to be for the Winter Olympics to go as digital as possible, as Samsung noted in the press release. Samsung wants the games to be a “Wireless, paperless” experience, and the Note 3 is probably the best Samsung device to accomplish that. Big enough to multitask but still able to make a call when needed, the Note 3 is a good option for staff and athletes alike.

Samsung made their WOW app available before, at the 2010 Vancouver games. At that time, the app was just a quick way to keep up on stats and results, but the 2014 version promises to be much more robust. Leading up to the games, Samsung will also have 15 Samsung Galaxy “studio-on-the-go” mobile studios, which will travel throughout Russia. The studios will provide an interactive look at Winter Olympic sports, as well as what to expect in Sochi.