Android was designed with open-source, open-market viability in mind – so it was, by design, low in “private sandbox” security features. This is something that makes the platform a very risky one for those in enterprise security. Enclosed architectures like BlackBerry OS and iOS have legitimate advantages here in one sense, but Samsung is belatedly trying to join the party with its KNOX B2B (business-to-business) apps.

Samsung is taking a tiered approach to KNOX, with a free downloadable “My KNOX” app for an enterprise with employees who use Samsung devices – the app is compatible only to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note 4 for now. Together with the app, there’s a two-level subscription service for device security – the first being KNOX Express.

KNOX Express offers basic security features, including KNOX Workspace which is a secured “sandboxed” container that keeps your enterprises data safe. It also features KNOX EMM, a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to deploy proprietary information and apps without the additional cost of taking devices into the office personally. All of this is upgraded when you try the KNOX Premium subscription.

KNOX Express starts out free for every device, but KNOX Premium charges USD$1.00 per device. BlackBerry and iOS are understandably ahead of the game in this market, but do tell us what you think about it. Would your business need something like this for Android devices?

SOURCE: Samsung
DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store