Super Bowl time is almost upon us and in addition to the football, we also have those commercials. Samsung Mobile seems to have gotten a bit of a head start here and released a teaser. This latest arrives as the “El Plato Supremo” which is another entry into “The Next Big Thing” campaign.

The “El Plato Supreme” teaser measures in at 60 seconds in length and shows Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd as they are pitching ideas for the Big Game ad and as one may have guessed – they run into some hurdles during the pitching process. Notably, with a certain name of the game (Super Bowl) that cannot be said due to it being trademarked.

This is where the “El Plato Supremo” portion comes into play. They go on to discover that they are doing a commercial for “the big plate featuring the San Francisco fifty-one’ers and the Baltimore black birds.” All things considered, this is a pretty funny teaser video. Of course, with Samsung having picked Rogen and Rudd, that is almost expected.

Teaser aside, the full commercial will be two-minutes in length and is set to air during the fourth-quarter of the Super Bowl. The full commercial will be dubbed “The Big Pitch” and according to Samsung, will feature “the Galaxy family of products.” And for those hoping for something new, Samsung has said the “family” includes the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 10.1. Simply put, it doesn’t appear as if Samsung plans to unveil any new devices. Nonetheless, it would appear as if we have at least one entertaining Super Bowl commercial to look forward to seeing.