The all new iPad was just announced only a few short hours ago, and while CEO Tim Cook was on stage he was quick to take a few stabs at Android and Samsung regarding tablets and the user experience. Now after the final specs have been confirmed Samsung is already fighting back. They have released their own little “content creation” and comparison chart showing just how much better they think their Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is over the Apple iPad 3rd Gen.

Now obviously coming from Samsung they’ve dialed up their strong points and put them out first for the world to see, but in terms of content creation they sure do have tons to offer with the Galaxy Note. Content consumption this might looks slightly different as Android is still catching up with tablet apps, but in terms of creation this is a pretty good assessment.

Above you’ll see the chart provided by Samsung. Quickly pointing out that not only is their tablet (and all their recent tablets) actually thinner and lighter than the new iPad, but it specifically covers everything else as well. Apple’s new iPad may have a faster processor and a new iPhoto app to go with it but on the Galaxy Note 10.1 you can use absolute precision while editing and tweaking pictures with the use of the included S-Pen (stylus). Then they are quick to mention the Note 10.1 screen handles 10x the pressure sensitivity and accuracy over the competing iDevice.

Samsung also attacks the multi-tasking aspect of things. Obviously Android is great when it comes to multi-tasking, especially Android 4.0 ICS, but the Galaxy Note being able to have two windows open surely helps users to browse on one side while they create or take notes on the other.

We enjoyed the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet during our visit to Spain for MWC 2012 and you can see all of our coverage of the 10″ slate from Samsung talked about above from our timeline of links below. Which device would you purchase?


  1. Well, in terms of content creation the Note is definitely better. But hardware-wise, the new iPad blows everything Samsung has shown out of the water.. a higher resolution would have been a good choice on a device relying so much on a stylus. But it’s just a slightly modified 10.1N at a much higher price.

    If Samsung doesn’t announce that rumoured 11.6 tab with top of the line hardware and an even higher resolution at a reasonable price, I’ll go for the new iPad. 

    • hardware blow it out of water? the ipad has dual core cpu while new transformer has quad core. apple touts their quad core GPU while the same transformer has 12 core gpu. the only better aspect is the screen

      • Exactly.  If you are looking at hardware, the Transformer certainly blows everybody out of the water.  The resolution is in favor of the new iPad, but very close (2048 to 1920), while everything else goes to the Transformer.  It is even thinner.  

      • Quad cores aren’t necessarily better.. just look at the benchmarks for Qualcomm’s S4. We’ll have to see real-world performance of the iPad when it’s released, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be a slouch.

        About the Transformer: I’ve had three of them in January. All three of them had basically unusable GPS and the Wifi was worse than any other device I own. The full aluminum back and the pogo pins are the reason for that. If the Transformer’s Wifi had performed as it should have, especially since it’s a Wifi only devive (!!), I wouldn’t even consider buying the new iPad. It’s sad, because otherwise it was a great tablet, but having slow speeds even at home while my SGS2 had no problems made the Transformer unusable for me.

        Oh, and Bradley, I said the new iPad blows everything SAMSUNG (!) has shown out of the water. I wasn’t talking about Asus or any other manufacturer.

      • I can’t understand that people have problems with the Wifi on the Prime. I have one as well and when I compared the signal strength between the Prime and my old Samsung Galaxy S the Prime had roughly 15-20 % higher signal strength.

        Either you had had really bad luck or I got a really good one 🙂

      • Quad cores are always better than dual cores when comparing the same architecture – iPad has A9 – the same as Note 10.1 or Tegra 2 and 3. S4 is faster because its close to A15.

      • You realize you can’t compare # of cores in the GPU with different architectures, right?  It’s safe to say that if the “old” A5 was already as fast or faster than the GPU in the Tegra 3, the A5X will be *much* faster across the board.  You can’t compare GPU cores from different architectures like you can compare CPU cores (which are essentially the same ARM architecture).

      • A5X is faster but it NEEDS to be – otherwise games would be slower on the resolution it has than on iPad 2.

      •  stop posting numbers.

        how is that numbers gonna help me when my Android tablet lags like shit?
        Do i cover it up like my friend to stop others from realizing my tablet is hanging?

    • I absolutely despise Apple and am a die-hard Android guy – but I have to say that THIS is a well said and, above all, EDUCATED reason for choosing Apple over Android.

      All fanboys should take note.

  2. i haven’t use a apple product until now but i will say apple has gone too far in tablet market. Its hard to catch up for rivals. Their price and quality is so good. 

    •  and here they are trying to convince users with a stupid table when clearly their product is far far much more inferior.

      They really thought their consumers are that illiterate?

  3. I love the extra bit where they don’t compare to Apple because Apple beats them in all those lol. Apple comes with 64GB standard no SD card lol. Apple has a screen with twice the resolution  of an HD TV. Apple controls anything via wireless (much more effective than IR because you can be around obstacles etc and further distance). Mouse? Are you kidding me? Why buy a tablet device if you are going to want to use a mouse. I’d like to see how Samsung dimensions and weight compare to the iPad3 if they installed a 2k display 😛

    Biggest one. Design. Apple wins hands down and always will. Samsung Beam comes to mind. Samsung should stick to copying other companies instead of trying to design their own. They clearly need new designers.

    • I like how all of your comments are based on your own personal perception and opinions. 

       Mouse? Are you kidding me? Why buy a tablet device if you are going to want to use a mouse.  ” 

      I’m astounded by your attack on personal preference. Everyone likes tablets and smart devices because you can control it by touching the display, no peripherals needed, but the adaptation to personal preference is what sets Android devices above Apple devices. Some folks who use their device for actual productive purposes may find some tasks better executed and easier to manage by the use of peripherals.

      On a side note – It’s not nice to be a troll.

      •  I agree the USB host for a mouse is kinda out there as a feature… Not because no one would need to use a mouse but rather, why not just use a bluetooth mouse and forgo wires?

        Looks to me that Samsung threw it in just because they could and not because it is a great feature that everyone would want (Thats why it is in small print at the bottom of the chart)

        In fact most of their comparisons are rehashes of the same thing… Side by side apps… (4 out of 7)… The other three comparisons are of just one other feature, the S-Pen… and all three have a sort of disclaimer to them… Pressure sensitivity is the one thing that stands out…

      • bs noone wants to have to buy a bluetooth mouse. mac people. It is a great feature to be able to use a USB mouse and KB. sheesh.

      • in theory you could connect a USB dvd writer (not usb powered) and burn DVDs!! Once you have USB host there’s a world out there more than than just keyboards and mice.

      •  Agreed, There are far better uses for a USB host than to use a mouse… Though I would use USB flash drives, in my line of work it is nice to be able to carry my files on a tablet/phone and be able to transfer them to anyone with a USB drive…

        And why is it no one would want to buy a bluetooth mouse? Wouldn’t that apply to ANY mouse then? After all, if you are going to carry a mouse for your tablet chances are you need to buy something… At least with BT there is no wire and no dongle/USB stick hanging from your tablet… Leaving the USB host open for a variety of devices instead…

      • Apple tell their fans what to think, what to believe, what to buy, and how much to spend. Apple fans then feel the need to tell everyone who doesn’t buy Apple 
        what to think, what to believe, what to buy…

        I’m no Apple fan, but I’m not a hater. Technically the products are usually good (antenna problems aside) and have real “kerb appeal”, and are made from premium materials, but you pay a massively premium price and surrender control to Apple. You do things the Apple way, no choice: you use iTunes to manage you media and that’s it. You customise the things that Apple let you**.

        For many people who have no real technical interest in these things, Apple products are ideal, but please don’t pretend to be superior when you don’t know and don’t care about what the specifications actually mean or how the product *works. Just be happy you have the right product for you.

        * for example, the survey that showed that many iphone4 users thought their phones were 4G.

        ** try changing your calendar to have a different day of the week as the first day. Try choosing different units for your locale, e.g. distance in km, temperature in F.

      • I have to agree. Given the huge sales numbers for iPad, the vast majority of iPad owners are on ” training wheels”. Why would anyone pay $$200 for 32GBS of extra storage, when if they knew what they were doing they could buy a Nexus 7, for $ 200, and have a fast, device with excellent display quality? I love my AT&T Galaxy Note phone, and the S-Pen is a huge plus. Not to mention the 12sq. In.+ display screen. Compared to iPhone’s 6 sq in display, for the same $200 at signing with Best Buy coupons. Throw in LTE and 50 Mbps down loads, twice the physical limits of the iPhone 4S. Apple products seem to make everything except dollars and cents.

    • Yup 64 GB because I want to pay $700 for a WiFi iPad with 64GB of storage.. Or buy the Prime for $499 and a $25 dollar MicroSD and have the same ammount.

      Goes both ways sir!

    • Funny. Usually all the iFans aren up in arms about Samsung “copying” the black rectangle with a screen. Now they have their own design and then they should keep copying other companies. Could you please make your mind up?

    • That would be the biggest manufacturer of flat-screens in the world copying a company that specialises in design and never builds its own components hmm

    • Well first of all all those sats are nice but they arent that impressive. WIFI? Screen Resolution? Thats it. The samsung note wins out for the innovation put into it. It does things that no other tablet does. Its hardware is lacking though. I agree. However being a samsung fan i know that its just a stepping stone for the galaxy tab 2 11.6. Not thats your ipad competition. HD screen like ipad. It will have a true quad core processor. And im sure the same split screen tech they put in the note will come to it as well.  I say just wait and see. 

      Also i really like the new samsung tablets even though they have inferior processor simply for their design change. I mean front facing speakers feels like a no brainer once you see it done.

  4. Oh android community. Must you remove my post which proves almost every aspect of your ‘beautiful’ little chart wrong? Now I feel more sad for you.

  5. I like the Galaxy note better 🙂 but I see them as different devices, the note is more for like taking to school and drawing and ipad for watching a movie 2 different products shoulnt be compared 🙂 but at the end the note has both in 1 tablet 

    • Actually 16:10 screen of Galaxy Note will be better for movies. Unless you have 1080p movie – but then, the TV will be better than both.

  6. I love how everyone wants to argue about pointless things. Apple and Samsung are both great companies with amazing products but there are always going to be pros and cons with every device. Just stop nit-picking and enjoy the cool technology…. 🙂

    • samsung’s new ad campaign is a bit cunning. HTC, went for something like this with their ads before. they dumped that strategy with the one series. not criticizing other products. 

      • True.

        Criticizing another company’s product is as bad as an Australian politician running for Prime Minister: Spending too much time criticizing the other when they should be focused on doing the job properly.

  7. “Samsung’s Galaxy Note: Same Price and Lighter and Thinner than the new Ipad.  Without any of its features.”

  8. when Apple sue Samsung then Samsung have to put up prices to recover costs. Apple are a big customer of Samsung. I hope Samsung ensure that they jack up prices more for Apple than anyone else!!

  9. I prefer buying Samsung android tablets but the galaxy note 10.1 is inferior to the new I pad in many ways. The new I pad has set a new benchmark again, competition is still far far away.

  10. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how an iPad is “far far much more inferior” (lol @ uR Gr4mm3r) to a Galaxy, or anything else on the market for that matter. A small analysis of the chart above, shows that this is the weakest comparison I’ve seen in a while. For starters, while the chart above states that there are 7 different ways in which a Galaxy note is better than the new iPad… it literally is 2 different points reworded 4 times, and one completely invalid point. 
    Lets begin.

    Lines 1, 2, 6 & 7 all can be summarized with this: apps can be viewed and interact side by side. Is this a desirable feature? Sure, to some. For me, as an art director and professional photographer things like screen size, resolution, computing power, reliability, resale value (as well as value in general) & user friendliness are all of much higher priority for me. I don’t mind jumping between apps if needed, some find that it is a must to have apps run simultaneously side by side. That makes it personal opinion, or subjective, which is invalid in such an argument.

    The second point distributed into lines 3,4 & 5. The argument here is that you can use a stylus. Again, just because it is possible to use a stylus does not mean it is superior to not using a stylus. I find the sensitivity to be more than adequate on the iPad, and I haven’t even tested the new one. Don’t think it’s possible to create professional results without a stylus? 

    Take a minute and inform yourself:

    Look the bottom line is this. Most people bashing the iPad have never probably used one for more than 5 minutes (if that). To really experience what it can do, you must implement it as a daily tool in your life. The argument that apple just “polished” the iPad from version 2 to 3 is ignorant and shows a lack of understanding for what makes a tech gadget such as a tablet “better”. It’s entirely reinvented with a 2K display and quad-core processor. 5MP camera, siri…etc. Oh and… how many apps does the App Store have? Over half a million, I believe. I like resources.

     Numbers speak for themselves, and sales will destroy any competition with the previous model ipads trickling down in price to lower markets who could not afford the iPad when it first was announced. You can pickup a “like-new” condition iPad for around 200 bucks. That’s value. So you can keep your stubborn stance on “Android tablets are superior to iPads”, but until I see a REAL comparison, which can PROVE why an android is better than an iPad, I will happily keep using my iPad. 

    It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. 

    [please insert your un-educated troll response bellow]

    • I do not care for the Samsung note, but I always laugh when people post incorrect statistics..

      IPad only had dual core processor and quad core graphics.

      Comparing a used iPad from craigslist for $200 bucks is just incorrect.

      Superior statement is dependent on the user. Android has shown they have superior hardware when it comes to CPU, Ports, memory, storage, etc. iPad is superior with graphics.

      If you want people to listen to you, you may want to have accurate information and show some sense of impartiality.

      • “If you want people to listen to you, you may want to have accurate information and show some sense of impartiality.”

        Shouldn’t that statement apply to the creator of the chart stated in the post above?

        I really could care less if people listen to me or not on here, I just like to vent when I see a post that is taken as fact when it is just manipulated (and subjective) points of view. Even with just a dual-core processor, there is a 2K screen sitting right there in front of you. Which is user friendly, reliable, holds value…. I could really get into it but I’d rather not.

        Take photography for example. Most people think the more megapixels a camera has, the better. Well, scientifically and theoretically, that is incorrect. Unless the actual sensor is larger in size to house all that pixel data, you are just cramming more data in the same space which yields less sharpness.

        So why are camera companies such as nikon and canon in a megapixel war? 

        Because the general consumer is not educated enough in the physics behind a camera sensor to understand more pixels doesn’t mean a better camera or photo.

        In my opinion, leica makes the finest cameras in the world. By finest, I mean quality, not quantity. The flagship leica, the M9 boasts 18mp. I can almost guarantee that it will take a more impactful photo than a camera shooting at 26+ megapixels. 

        So what is the point behind this? Apple products just work better in general. There is less hiccups, because there is more thought put into the user experience than to just throw specs on paper to market the product. Sophistication is not easy. You can keep saturating and polluting the market with tablets, while apple keeps refining a product that is already so well crafted. 

        Don’t think people will buy the iPad on the used market for $200? Then please explain why with the release of every new iPhone, the user base of the iPhones in general increases consistently? It’s because the used market offers the devices at much more affordable prices. I’ve watched all my “android” loving friends make the switch one by one over the past couple of years, and it is funny as some of them are probably more stubborn than any of you. 

      • Just out of curiousity, how much time have you spent on an android device? And can you compare the two?

      • Before I ever owned an iPhone or much less even knew the iPad would ever create a product category of it’s own, I owned a few android phones. The truth is in a time span of about 2 years I went through 4 different phones ranging from HTC to Google nexus. Not one of them ever made me feel like my loyalty belongs with a device that will not even make it a year without some form of software/hardware bug or malfunction that needed repair or fix. If you really crack down to it, most of what you can do on an android device can be done on an iOS device and visa versa. Yes, I get that most of you are completely customizing your android devices because it’s open, so are all those hackers being invited to steal your personal data. In case you were not aware, iOS can be jailbroken as well within a few minutes and can even run android if you REALLY wanted it to…. but why the fuck would someone want that? haha.

         I’m not saying you can’t do anything an iPad can do, what i’m simply saying is that after using both, there is clearly more thought, research and innovation put into the user experience of an iOS user than that of an android device. I know it’s “taboo” to like iOS because other companies love to run up specs without making sure they are actually improving usability as a marketing point. keep in mind, there is a reason Apple is the most valuable (meaning it has the most cash) company in the world. Even if your excuse for it is “fan-boys”, when you start seeing grandma on her iPhone, grandpa reading his news paper on his iPad, and your baby playing with tailored apps… it becomes more than a middle aged tech geek toy. It becomes a part of everyday life. Essentially the same reason the nintendo wii was so popular and outsold everything. Sophistication is refining a product that is already awesome. Someone should probably pass the memo that just because you make 30 models of phones a year doesn’t make you “better”. 

      •  No-one would enjoy using windows 16-bit (before windows 95) but it eventually dominated and the old mac os (and IBM OS/2) were eliminated not because they weren’t carefully crafted but because vendors of windows hardware and software had a more open vendor space (“ecosystem”)
        MacOS had to be recreated 2 times and now competes but does not dominate.
        Android has improved just like windows improved, and provides cheaper hardware and an open vendor ecosystem.  That’s all if you can pay extra for apple you are locked into apple. Not good not bad just different. on Android you are part of the development system itself as a user bugs warts and all. but I like it much better that way!

      • You are lame, go shit on your ipad, iphone and all the little toys apple throws at the end functionality wins. I am one of the person who was about to switch to iphone but realised after trying it for a few days that it is totally BORING !!!!! the screen might appeal to you but when you start using it. its nothing more than bollocks of shit apps that do nothing more than what my android can do. 

      • Bahaha. I’m sorry if I offended you =(

        In the professional world… “Boring” isn’t really a term that affects usability, functionality and value. The screen indeed does appeal to me, and to be honest i’ve been using the iPad since Gen1 and loving it. In fact, using my iPad in my professional workflow has increased my efficiency which in return has yielded a higher income the past two years. Yes, I MADE more money because I am smart enough to put it to good use instead of take sides in the android/iOS war. 

        But please, “guest”, enlighten me with your clear intellect on how my POS iPad is inferior to your plastic toy. Except this time use facts, research and examples. A few lines of horrible articulation really do nothing more than reassure my pre-conceived notion that 75% of android users are nothing more than ignorant. 

      •  “Apple products just work better in general. There is less hiccups,
        because there is more thought put into the user experience than to just
        throw specs on paper to market the product.”

        Does their bluetooth work yet?

      • Also, when purchasing a slate of glass to view the internet, photos, gaming, videos and general multimedia purposes…. isn’t one of the most important elements the screen that you can view everything on?

    • No iPad has Siri unless you’ve jailbroken it… I agree somewhat with you but at least proofread your stuff since you’re telling everyone else to come at you with facts.

  11. Poor Samsung mostly everything is about the stupid gimmick of writing a note on a stupid non selling tablet that still no1 buys!

  12. Guyz open ur eyes…. there are things which are better than apple… Apple just have a brand name  and a gr8 touch screen… except these features its a total junk… I have been using both for years now but  when it comes to serious work other than entertainment,,, android sure rules…….I know after reading this everybody will tend to criticize my post but guyz again truth is always bitter……… 🙂 

  13. I don’t understand the childish “whos is better” debates. Some people are more suited towards an Ipad, and some towards an android tablet. It depends on what you’re doing with it. Some people want a pickup truck, and some people want a motorcycle. No One device is going to cater to every individual’s needs.

    That said, I own both an Ipad and an android tablet. I use both equally.

  14. Two apps at the same time? Is that all?

    Surely, they could think of something better than silly little things like stylus, notes, yada yada.

    As the late Steve Jobs said, “If you see a stylus, they blew it.”

    •  unless you want to do work on the device (and I mean work, not fashion blogging). Try asking any design professional:) All in all, the article focuses on Apple’s claims that iPad is a device for content creation, not content consumption.

      • Yes please! ask any design professional! Me included.

        Wondering what I think? scroll down a bit to read my essay on why I preffer Apple. Sorry, but I left my stylus with my monochromatic PALM in the 90’s.

  15. Two apps at the same time is as bad as that Asian who was playing two arcade machines at once.

    Completely unnecessary.

  16. I saw a Note video recording on youtube and the stereo sound just from the device itself was excellent. The idea of an artist NOT wanting higher resolution stylus, better pressure sensitivity, and drag+drop between two apps, is silly.

    • The idea that an artist would even sink to a level of buying a galaxy note for “better pen sensitivity” is hilarious. If you really plan on using a stylus for professional results you would use a WACOM TABLET (such as my intuis 4)with a million times better pen pressure sensitivity that a plastic toy aimed to make money for a few months before they release 30 other models that will all fail. For everything else, there is iPad. 

      •  OK now I get it. If the galaxy note has better sensitivity than the IPad, it’s better. I like competition. It’s like a kind of reality therapy.

      •  Let’s not forget who makes the screens for the iPad and who owns the original technology.  Oh yeah!!!  That would be Samsung!!

      •  The technology use for the S Pen is by WACOM you idiot. Besides I would never use a CRAPPLE ICRAP they are used by “Crapple Fag boys”.

      • I know, you short sighted imbecile. It doesn’t matter, because your “superior galaxy note” can’t run any professional drafting software such as the full Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5, Illustrator, Indesign or ANYTHING that could export a professional industry standard image at 300DPI with all the tools necessary  to execute, say… a product package? Or magazine? Maybe a Billboard? 

        That’s because if any of those items are needed, you use a personal computer. So why the fvck would you want a stylus for your “on the go, content consumption” gadget?
         And don’t get butt-hurt about this… but the industry standard computer for digital artists, graphic designers and art directors is APPLE. 

        If by “Crapple fag boys”, you mean a professional that markets products to consumers for a living, then yes… I must be a “Crapple Fag Boy”. But at least I can already classify you into a demographic or target audience. With that step out of the way, companies, say… HTC for example, will hire or contract someone that does what I do for a living, and come up with a catchy tagline and beefy, overinflated facts to manipulate lemmings such as yourself into purchasing it. Then you come on here, and your best rebuttal is “crapple fag boys”? 

        I pitty the fool. Have fun starring at your blue screen of death, moron. 🙂

    • It’s called WACOM tablets that plug into desktops/laptops to produce PROFESSIONAL results. Not to “take notes”. Let’s get real here, a stylus is a piece of plastic with a magnetized tip… that’s not technology seeing as you can purchase a cheap one that will work with any touch screen device including the iPads 1-3. GET IT? IT’S STUPID!

  17. Why the heck are we still writing about a stylus pen?? I do not want to use a stylus let alone have an extra tiny detatchable/lose-able piece on my already portable device. #stylusleftinthe90s

    Show me technology that will let me write with my finger with EASE and PRECISION. Thats the future…ya big dummies.

    •  Technology cannot make a wide imprecise finger as accurate as a sharp pen. With Android you’re welcome to work on it as a developer. I know the image could be zoomed in but that’s more difficult than just using a pen that is easily parked in the device. You’re quick to judge the usefulness of a stylus pen. People I guess are writing about it because it’s a great little phone-tablet device, I’d guess…

    • “Why the heck are we still writing about a stylus pen??”, because some of us prefer using a pen! You big dummy! If you want to use your finger, then go ahead and do so. Or use a capacitive stylus to do you finger painting. An active pen/stylus has a fine point, and pressure sensitivity, which allows for precision, something that cannot be replaced by a finger and technology.

      • Again…. that’s why for people like you they sell a $5 stylus on amazon for all touchscreen devices, including the iPad. It’s just Apple is a little smarter than to launch a product in 2012 solely based and marketed on a technology from PDA’s in the 90’s.

      • Also, judging by your response, bashing “your finger and technology”… you should probably look into a Moleskine notebook. It’s ultra precise with pen and paper technology. And your notes have about as much usability as on the galaxy note… think about it, what are you going to do with your scribbled “digital” notes. 

      • Moleskin notebooks are a made a few miles down the road from me. But if you had ever used a notebook to do anything other than to write notes, then perhaps you would literally see the benefit of an active stylus.

        “think about it, what are you going to do with your scribbled “digital” notes. ” How do you think Jonathan Ive, and the Apple design team start their ideas? They do it with pencil and paper. Why? Because it’s the best and fastest way, to produce ideas. It worked for Leonardo Da Vinci, and it still is the best way today. I’m just glad to see the 21st century is catching up with active styluses.

        Obviously this is all lost to you. You’d be better off continuing to finger paint, and let the creators carry on creating. Deal?

      • Finger paint? Haha, hardly. Try billboards, magazines, print ads and marketing campaigns targeted at all types of demographics and target audiences… such as yourself. Considering I am (and have been for the past 5 years) an art director, I would say I know my creative process pretty well. Thanks for the tip though. Also, if you ever get the chance to speak to a creative professional, ask them what equipment they use 🙂

        I do see the benefit in PEN & PAPER, and no this was never lost to me. As a matter of fact, I carry my beloved moleskine notebook everywhere with me, along side my tablet (iPad). For me, nothing can replace a pencil/pen and paper for certain things such as sketching or thumb nailing ideas. If I really wanted to, I could buy a $5 stylus pack for my iPad. But again, I don’t want my scribbles digitally, I want them on paper. My tablet is for quick photo tweaks, browsing the internet, email…. and CONSUMING digital media and entertainment. Nowhere in that process do I need to use a stylus, if I need to write something in my calendar I would much rather type it neatly.
        Also, thanks for the history lesson. But just to add to your point, after Da Vinci sketched his ideas into his notebook, he would proceed to paint with actual tools such as a paintbrush and a canvas. Not finalize a painting in his notebook. A notebook is used to jot quick ideas. Everyone’s argument on here is that by purchasing a galaxy note you can use a stylus, and that is not new technology. Like I said, a stylus is available for ANYONE with a touch screen device. They just are not popular, and sales prove that.Obviously, you are quite distant from the world of a creative professional. You keep buying plastic toys because they include a 99 cent stylus, and let the wiser consumers and professionals (or simply someone that seeks value in their money) pre-order 1 million iPad 3’s on announcement day, as has already happened. and resell them a year or two later for a decent recovery of initial investment. Deal?

      • Not so much.

        I am a creative professional (Senior 3D and Concept Artist). That’s why I don’t buy iOS devices.
        They’re great for the consuming masses but completely useless for me.

        You seem to think the stylus on the Note is equivalent to a capacitive stylus. It’s not! It’s far more precise and has full pressure sensitivity like a wacom.

        I much prefer to have my notes and drawings digital so I can put them on the cloud and more easily move them into desktop programs later. They’re easier to organize and file and I don’t lose them as easily as paper notes. Not that I don’t finalize complete paintings on my tablet, because I do. A cheap $5 stylus is not up to the task. An s-Pen is.

        Sometimes pencil can work better, sure. In those situations I’ll often do a sketch, photo it with the tablet, and then use my *stylus* and PS Touch to colour it in. Again – touch or a capactive stylus doesn’t have the precision or control I need to do this properly. An s-Pen or in my case an nTrig stylus does. It’s like having a cheaper portable Cintiq.

    • Dumb ass ..u know y ppl write with pen on normal paper rather than puting ink on finger & wirting with finger..coz its simple & precise!!! 

  18. LOL… technology of the future from the 1990s.  iPad3 is going to dominate again.

    I guess Android tablet makers are going with the “try all strategies (including all the stupid ones) and you will eventually stumble across a good idea.”

    • Haha, so true. Even better, is the fact that the iPad 2 will still outsell the Galaxy note at it’s new price point. That’s not even getting into the fact that 1 million iPad 3’s were pre-ordered…. ON DAY 1. As of right now, all pre-orders have sold out until late April. Wonder why? 🙂

      • That’s because you are blinded by the businesses telling you want features, features, features. This is why you will never understand why the iPad (or anything apple) is so successful.

    • For me stylus is more important than anything that could be on that list – and by comparing recently my old and slow first Transformer (Tegra 2 is slow) to iPad 2 I didn’t notice any advantage of iPad 2 over it apart from better saturation of colors (because I use matte screen protector on Transformer) – a lot of disadvantages though for my uses – for example I use Transformer to backup photos on pendrives while traveling, not doable on iPad.

  19. There are many situations in which the finger does not work so having an option of a pen is very cool. I am involved with one, which is in a hospital or medical setting using rubber gloves which drag on the screen. just 1 example.

    • Right, that’s why for people like you they sell a $5 stylus on amazon for all touchscreen devices, including the iPad. It’s just Apple is a little smarter than to launch a product in 2012 solely based and marketed on a technology from PDA’s in the 90’s.

      •  You guys are so defensive. The Note is not solely a stylus device that’s just one small part of it which you guys are blowing up all out of proportion. cool off.

      • So you are arguing solely about the ‘Content Creation’ aspect? Well the Note is geared towards that but I like it for other things.  I aint a graphics artist.
        I did not know that the new IPad has only one level of pressure sensitivity. I think the Note will be great for people who like to sketch. Wow sounds better than I realized before! Maybe I will take a drawing class if I get one or just start sketching for fun. And getting a smaller version is really great I think.
        Hopefully with all the problems Android and the ‘market’ are having they don’t screw it all up and lose their chances at the market.

  20. I guess you can’t expect a company such as samsung to make a logical product when they clearly don’t understand what the ultimate purpose of a tablet is, or much less how it fits into the digital hierarchy of people living in the digital world with a laptop, desktop, smartphone and tablet. 

  21. android vs ios arguments are ridiculous people, even apples cofounder steve wozniak prefers android. 

    at the end of the day samsung note gets the job done for me filling out forms signing documents etc with ease.  I tried capacitative stylus and it took me 10 seconds to realize it is garbage.  I even have htc flyer and the stylus experience is still better in galaxy note’s wacom technology. 

    btw, I havent yet met a client who complains my presentation suck because it is shown in tablet with lower resolution than hdtvs. 

  22. My family gave me a tablet for Christmas.  I haven’t bought it yet because I’m waiting for this one to come out.
    Do I need a pen?  Well considering I type at over 60wpm and I STILL use a notebook in meetings, yes – i find a pen much more natural for both writing and drawing.
    Does pressure sensitivity matter?  When you write on a normal tablet, it comes out all one thickness.  It looks ugly, and if you are like me and your writing is pretty atrocious, constant thickness makes it pretty much illegible.  Whereas I can write on a Wacom tablet and still read the writing months afterwards!
    Am I an artist? usually the drawings are simple business graphics (again the subtlety of pressure sensitivity speeds up drawing, so I can draw as I talk instead of having to prepare everything first).  Sometimes I like to sketch or paint.
    I’d really like a tablet today, but I can’t afford two in the same 12 month period so I’m holding out for the Note 10.1.
    Please bring it out soon!??!

  23. I want to buy a tablet but Im confused, nee great resolution display,a great graphic processor and a hell of a camera with lots of pixel and 1080 pixels
    video recording as well. Which one is better the samsung note 10.1 or ipad3.


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