With so many people living busy, harried lives and often being away from home, sometimes you need someone to watch over your house, and we don’t mean a house-sitter. Homes are getting smarter thanks to the Internet of things services, and Samsung has not been left behind. Their SmartThings open platform has been able to connect various devices and services and they can be accessed at the tip of your fingers. A new set of ads show you just how much you will benefit, in a humorous way.

Four ads released by the OEM show various situations where having a connected home can be beneficial for your piece of mind. The first one shows a typical teenage boy having an “ulterior motive” for his female guest at home, but foiled by his dad who’s able to remotely control the thermostat from his smartphone. (Okay, this one isn’t the most progressive of ads, to be honest but dad still wins) Another one, shows that your SmartThings app will alert you when strange bunny suited men enter your home through the window, even if said bunny suited man is your teenaged son sneaking in. No explanation why the boy is wearing that though.

The third ad shows that you can even program your cat flap to give you an alert when something is trying to climb in through there, even if it’s your dog trying to climb in. Lastly, a video shows how disaster is averted (and with pride intact) when someone forgets to turn off the iron as they leave the house, but the app is able to access it remotely and turn it off from wherever you are.

Samsung SmartThings lets you connect over 200 compatible devices (some with accompanying sensors) to your Hub so that you can turn your house into a smart home, without necessarily having to spend a fortune to outfit it.

SOURCE: Samsung