By the year 2018, we hope to see what Samsung has been working on the past few years when it comes to the foldable phone category. We’ve been saying there will be a Galaxy X but apparently, the SM-G888N0 sighted is not really foldable but rather another rugged device. The South Korean tech giant recently introduced a new phone with model number SM-G888N0 that we thought was for the foldable device.

What we imagined was the Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone turned out to be a rugged phone ready for rough and tough use. Perhaps it will be something like the Active variant of most Galaxy flagships.

Samsung didn’t make any buzz but a report in South Korean revealed more information about a new high-speed train line in the country and the fact the company has provided radio access network for it in 700 MHz. Other new products have been mentioned including a dedicated core network and a rugged smartphone which is the SM-G888N0.

We’re still expecting the Galaxy X foldable phone to be unveiled in the coming months. It may not be perfect yet but will be close to a real foldable device.

So the SM-G888N0 is out. We won’t be surprised if more related news and information will be leaked so let’s wait and see.

VIA: LetsGoDigital