Earlier this month we heard a few comments regarding Samsung SideSync with their Windows ATIV branding announcement, but today we’re now getting additional details. Samsung has introduced what they’re calling SideSync, which will allow your PC and Galaxy smartphone to work together as one. It doubles as a backup solution, and can you even use your keyboard and mouse on your phone.

It’s called SideSync, and we’re still waiting for Samsung to reveal all of the details, but for now we have a neat little demo video giving us a small glance at what to expect from this new application. Using Samsung SideSync you can save and automatically backup pictures and more, or even go from working on a word document on your PC to instantly saving it on your phone with the slide of the mouse.

You can copy and paste text, documents, images and more and simply drag them to your Galaxy. Then of course we also have screen sharing, which only makes sense, and you can share your GALAXY S 4 display right on the PC. All of this works while the device gets juiced up and recharged. Here’s the demo released today.


Now there is a downside here. For now this works with Samsung PC’s only, which is a bad move if you ask us. Hopefully Samsung will release this for all Windows PC’s in the future. You’ll need the Samsung SideSync app (get it here) and be connected to a Samsung PC, which already has the program loaded up for ease of use. You’ll also need a Samsung account. So basically be in a Samsung world. It’s a great idea and we love the thought, but make it available for all please.

[via SammyHub]