Do you remember back in the day when Samsung was going all out in pursuing LCD technology? Well, those days are long gone as now, the OEM is championing AMOLED displays for both their own devices and for companies that are sourcing their displays from Samsung itself. Now Samsung Display has recently released a video called “A Day with AMOLED” which demonstrates just why it is a better display technology than LCD, cementing the fact that it is now a leading player as well in this market.

The 1.5 minute video takes us through 3 different times of the day: Color of Noon, Shape of Sunset, and Depth of Night. It shows different images of things associated with those times of days then showcases the differences between the two kinds of display. Obviously, AMOLED is the better looking one, showing off sharper images, better colors, and all in all, giving you a better viewing experience. Now of course, editing may have something to do with it, as well as the screen from which you’re viewing it, but it’s safe to say that Samsung has really chosen which tech to place their bets on.

There were even some rumors that they have separated their LCD business from their OLED business in order to eventually exit the former. But this was refuted by Samsung, although some of their old LCD production lines are actually now being converted to, you guessed it, OLED. They are ramping up production in order to meet the demands of other OEMs that are sourcing their own OLED displays from the Korean OEM.

What does it mean for the ordinary consumer? Well, when we get our smartphones, we don’t really analyze so much where the display comes from (except if you are really knowledgeable about it). At the end of the day, all that we really care about is that we get the best display possible. And for now, it seems that AMOLED is it. At least, according to Samsung.

VIA: SAM Mobile


  1. Does it also show how much image burn in happens with Swinesung screens? Almost everyone i know that owns this garbage phone has image retention and burn in from some stupid ad or some game. its horrible and shows the low quality these screens are.

    • BS, you know you are lying.
      I have had Galaxy S and Notes since the original S in 2010 and most of my phone stayed with me for 2 years and I really use them a lot.
      No even 1 of them has had burn images or screen problem and I don’t know even 1 person (my job gives Galaxies phones, Ss and Notes) with this problem.
      This is the same lie people tell about the AMOLED since 2010.

      • B.S we know your lying, walk up to any demo at any store and see for your self sheep, Obviously you have no clue how AMOLED works and what it flaws our. I actually work with making panels you sheep and Swinesung has poor quality.


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