While ordinary emojis are fun, it’s time for them to level up already. And the new flagship devices from Samsung are the first ones out that door with their augmented reality emojis which are basically “intelligent and personalized” versions of those fun things that you send friends in lieu of words. Now the OEM is sharing the tech that they used to allow you to send those AR emojis. Well, you could if you have the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+.

The problem that their team needed to solve is that emojis are already too common and simple. They wanted to give their users an even more fun experience with emojis and so they created the next best thing to actually sending yourself and your best expressions over to your friend (yes there’s video chat, but where’s the fun in that?). Leveraging the advanced cameras of the two new flagships, the idea is to take a selfie and then turn it into a custom avatar that can track your actual facial expressions.

Using facial recognition technology and using a data-based machine learning technology, it produced a 3D rendering of your selfie. The camera then analyzes the 2D image and using its deep learning database, it will re-create your facial features. And then to make it even more life-like, it uses Face Tracking Technology which has more than 100 facial features to “capture individual emotions on the spot.” Lastly, Blend Shape Technology, from the name itself, blends expressions together based on 75 facial expressions.

They conducted 100 tests on a weekly basis to ensure that all of this works and the result is the AR emojis that you can now create on your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+. It currently has 18 different expressions which will expand to 54 gradually and you can use them as GIFs, videos, or PNG files. Have you tried them yet? How has your experience been? Hopefully, later smartphones released by Samsung will also be able to have this fun feature.

SOURCE: Samsung