Spam is a common problem that all mobile device owners face, whether it’s text, emails, or even calls. This has become such an annoying problem that OEMs, carriers and developers are coming up with various tools to help their users fight spam. Samsung is reminding people that they already have some of these tools on their smartphones and they just have to enable them so they can still use all of their device’s features but avoid spam calls and ads.

Samsung has several Ad Blockers available to protect you from malware or malvertisements as you browse the Internet. But of course you have to use their own browser, Samsung Internet, to enable it. You can go to the menu of the browser, tap on the Ad blockers icon, and then choose from among the services available there that have been certified by Samsung as being face (because some of the ad blockers out there are themselves malicious).

If you want to stop websites from tracking you and presenting targeted adverts everywhere you go, Samsung Internet also has a Smart Anti-tracking feature. Their on-device machine learning identifies trackers in a website and helps you “hide” from them. Just go to the menu again, go to settings, privacy and security and then toggle on the Smart anti-tracking feature.

Robocalling is one of the most annoying things that mobile users are currently experiencing. Samsung has a Smart Call function that identifies and detects these robocallers. You will be able to block or report these numbers as spam. Go to the Call Settings of your phone then the Caller ID and spam protection section where you can switch it on to activate the Smart Call feature.

These anti spam and robocalling features are of course also dependent on the country and device that you use so it may not be available where you are.