It was a tough game full of emotions and a pretty impressive comeback from the 9ers, but in the end the Baltimore Ravens are taking home the trophy. I don’t know about you guys, but I think we saw more CBS promotions than actual commercials, but at least Samsung had one worth watching. Well theirs and the amazing GoDaddy clip. Today Samsung’s posted an extended 4:41 second clip of their expensive Super Bowl commercial so lets take a look.

For those 49ers fans that are hanging their heads a little low this afternoon, everyone that lost bets, the stadium light crew, or just people that weren’t too impressed with this years commercials we have a little comedy to “brighten” up your day. Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ commercial was pretty funny, and they used some of our favorite Actors of the past few years. Paul and Seth!

From the old days in 40 Year Old Virgin, to everything else they’ve starred in these are two funny guys that we always enjoy watching. Samsung didn’t go as crazy as last year, but their 2 minute long and ridiculously expensive commercial was an instant hit for many. Now today they’ve released an extended version that’s nearly 5 minutes long so check it out.

Obviously a 4 minute commercial would just be overkill. Not to mention this year each 30 second add spot cost roughly $4 million according to reports. Samsung spent a pretty penny on their 2 minute version shown around the world, that’s for sure. For those wanting to watch Paul and Seth make fun of eachother and enjoy some comedy – that’s exactly what we got.

Was it worth the cash for Samsung? Also, what was your favorite commercial or moment in this Super Bowl?