The Galaxy Z Flip was released almost a year ago by Samsung with the 5G variant following a few months later. Rumors are floating around that they will be releasing a Galaxy Z Flip 3 later this year and even though there’s no confirmation yet from the Korean OEM, a recent blog post about the flip phone may be hinting at that. Samsung wants to remind people about the Galaxy Z Flip by sharing some “hidden” features about the device that people may not know.

In case you didn’t know it yet, there are several ways to answer calls on your Galaxy Z Flip. You can swipe left to right on the cover display and your call will be on speaker mode. You can also unfold it and swipe left to right but you can also set it up that answering and ending calls will be as simple as folding and unfolding your device. For the multitaskers out there, you can run apps in Multi Window mode by accessing the Multi-Window Tray which and you just need to swipe the right side of the display.

When it comes to taking photos, there are a couple of shortcuts you can use. You can use the Burst Mode to take a series of photos one after another by dragging down the shutter button and then choose the perfect one from the Gallery. You can also set it up that dragging the shutter button will let you create GIFs if that’s what you prefer. When you unfold your device, you can double-tap the fingerprint sensor so your cover display will become a selfie viewfinder. And when you want to switch between the wide-angle and Ultra Wide lens, just tap on the display.

A lot of mobile users now prefer to do everything with one hand. With the Galaxy Z Flip, double tap on the hime button or swipe down in the center of the bottom edge so you can switch to one-handed mode. This way, you can reach everything on the main display with just one hand as it temporarily scales down the display size. You can also enable gestures on the fingerprint sensor on the side for easier access.

When you want to eliminate distractions, you can set the Galaxy Z Flip to Focus Mode to temporarily mute notifications or disabling apps that will keep you from focusing. Lastly, Wireless PowerShare lets you turn your phone as a wireless charging pad for other devices. The Galaxy Z Flip costs around $1,249 while the Galaxy Z Flip 5G was originally priced at $1,499 but now gets a $250 drop at $1,199.99.


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