Samsung has recently introduced the Shape M7 wireless speaker. This one will allow the user to wirelessly stream audio from their smartphone or tablet and the M7 can be used by itself or in conjunction with the Samsung Hub. Having this connected to a Samsung Hub will open things up for a multi-room setup, but regardless of the setup option you choose — the M7 is able to pull audio from a variety of sources.

Options here include streaming files stored locally on a computer or from the cloud using TuneIn Radio, Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora and Rhapsody. The M7 does require a net connection, which means users will have to plug the speaker directly into their home router, or connect it wireless with a Samsung Hub (that happens to be connected to their home router). Using the Hub will bring some additional cost, however it also means less wires run through the house should you have multiple speakers in-use.

Samsung has the Shape M7 using a dual-band WiFi and Multi-Channel Mesh Network technology which is really just another way of saying you should be able to stream audio without having to worry about any interference. As you can see from the images included here in the post, the Shape M7 is available in both black and white and can be used sitting flat or standing up. There is also an optional wall mount for those looking to keep the tables clear.


Otherwise, Samsung describes the Shape M7 as being able to provide audio that is “articulated through speaker technology that delivers warm and natural sound color.” To that point, the Shape M7 speaker setup includes a Foam Core Woofer, CNT pulp cone mid-range speakers and silk dome tweeters.

The Samsung Shape M7 speaker will be available beginning on October 13th with a price tag of $399.99. As for those looking to use it in conjunction with the Samsung Hub, that will add another $49.99 to the total price.