We saw a bit of detail on a yet-to-be announced Samsung smartphone yesterday. The handset is the SCH-I425 “Godiva” and the leak included just a few of the basics in terms of specs. The handset had been believed to be heading towards Verizon Wireless as the Stratosphere III. And well, it looks like some images have since surfaced.

Anyway, the pics do not confirm that the SCH-I425 will be the Stratosphere III, however they do show a handset that looks quite a bit like the previous Stratosphere handsets. The one key difference here, this handset does not feature a slide-out QWERTY which is something that was available on the past models.

There is also some Verizon Wireless branding, which sits in the expected location — on the front of the handset towards the top. On the bottom, sitting just below the display are four capacitive buttons. Otherwise, nothing all that surprising was revealed in the images. Well, aside from NFC being tucked in on the back cover.


The images also show a device that is running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Of course, the previous leak had mentioned the SCH-I425 as running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The handset is also expected to bring a 720p display (1280 x 720) along with a 1.4GHz processor. In the meantime, still no word from Samsung or Verizon Wireless just yet. That all being said, given the previous release history of the Stratosphere and we could be looking towards the fall of 2013 for a possible release.

[via Engadget]