If reports out of Korea are correct, Samsung is planning to announce a 2560 x 1440 display at MWC this February. While they’ve already filed a patent for such technology, they haven’t made clear when they’d launch it. The report also notes that Samsung is eyeing iris scanning technology as well.

The report comes courtesy of ZD Net, with their sourcing “internal news from the company”. If true, Samsung’s would be the first WQHD smartphone, as it’s expected they’d release such technology on the newest flagship device, the Galaxy S5. Of course, that device is expected to be around the 5-inch mark for screen size, so we wonder what good a 1440 resolution would be for such a small screen.

The iris scanning technology is said to be an alternative to lock screens and pass codes. Like a fingerprint, your iris is unique to you. Additionally, it’s said to be more secure than fingerprints, and believed to be much more individual and not as easily cheated.

Either way, we’re on the fence with this news. Screen resolution is important, but we’re not sure that density will be poignant on a smartphone. Iris scanning is forward-thinking, but do you really want to stare at your device closeup each time to unlock it? We don’t, but we’ll be interested to see what — if anything — Samsung brings to the table at MWC.

VIA: GforGames