Most parents will always ask how to discipline and properly limit their children’s usage of their mobile devices. We may not provide the ultimate answer or solution but this Samsung Safety Screen app will definitely help. It’s a new application that can be every adult’s best friend when it comes to teaching the children how to properly use the tablet and set an ideal viewing distance.

Samsung Safety Screen will tell the mobile device user a safe distance. There’s a minimum recommended distance that one should follow whether using a tablet or a smartphone. It’s developed by Samsung but anyone can use it on any Android device. Parents can also use the app and set a password.

Samsung Safety Screen is a useful app that makes use of an advanced facial recognition software. It should be running in the background so the app can work and notify the person if he or she is to close to the screen already. What the app does is to shut down the screen if the phone or tablet is too close to your face. You need to unlock the device to get back to the app.

Some of us may be unknowingly too close to the screen already. It’s not only kids who need the app but also us adults. Digital eye strain is very much common and it’s about time we think of ways on how to avoid or at least reduce such.

Samsung Gulf Electronic worked with Leo Burnett MENA to develop the app. The Samsung Safety Screen application is just one of the first innovative apps that aim to help the user to avoid something or encourage to do important tasks.

Download Samsung Safety Screen from the Google Play Store

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