We’ve already had a look at Samsung’s likely update to their S-Health app, and now it looks like there are more changes afoot. Another leak of a Samsung app update gives us a look at their S-Voice update. Like S-Health, S-Voice is getting a bit flatter, and a lot cleaner.

Flatter doesn’t relate to better, though. The interface looks as cluttered as ever, even with a fresh look. According to SamMobile, who got their hands on this app exclusively, it performs better in regard to voice detection. Accents, however, remain Samsung’s foil as the app had issues there.

Though expected for the upcoming Galaxy S5, the app was tested from a firmware build for the SM-G900H. Though widely expected to be the model number for a version of the S5, it’s still unconfirmed as being so. Considering the news of an updated S-Health and WatchON from Samsung, and news we may see a new Galaxy Gear and S5 at MWC, it’s likely we’ll find this on the S5 later this month.

Does it look more ‘Android’? That’s subjective. It definitely takes on the new, flatter design we’re seeing on many platforms, but keeps the same Samsung flair we’re used to. From seeing two of their apps updated, it’s likely we’d see most — if not all — Samsung apps refreshed with a new flagship this Spring.

Source: SamMobile