Some new details and images have leaked for an upcoming Samsung handset headed for AT&T. While it wont be winning any awards for its charming good looks, it does have some rugged and durable features that should make it stand the test of time. Being called the Samsung Rugby Smart lets hope this phone can hang in there during the scrum.

We’ve heard rumors regarding this phone back during some Galaxy Note leaks but with the new images we can confirm it is coming, and to AT&T. This entry-level Android phone looks quite rugged and packs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Full details aren’t yet known but we see plenty from the pictures. Leaks suggest a 1,650 mAh battery, AT&T HSPA+, and 512 MB of RAM. Most likely it will be powered by the Samsung Hummingbird (Galaxy S) processor and be 1.0 GHz single-core with 512MB of RAM.

Gingerbread on board based on the pictures, and that makes sense given this is an entry-level device. Rocking a front and rear camera but specs on those aren’t confirmed. The cover on the phone looks a little weird but the lock in place gives is a few things to consider. They are calling it the “Rugby Smart”. Looking at the image it appears the rugged and “rugby” part can come off with the twist lock shown on the back, making this go from a rugged and durable phone to something more normal and smartphone looking, but that is just a guess. Either way the lock on the back leaves us wondering.

PocketNow is reporting the phone should have launched around February 18th but that hasn’t happened. We’ll probably see more at Mobile World Congress next week.


  1. Why the crap are there no rugged phones that have high end hardware??  I need a phone that I won’t worry about destroying in a ski crash.

  2. I have the rugby 2 and it is really resistant. drop from a pole about 15 feets high. No damage at all. Still work even in mud racings.


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