Samsung Galaxy S10 lockout reboot

Last week, we shared with you that some Galaxy S10 phones are locking out users after the last software update. It was an unfortunate issue since the S10 has been around for months. It’s only now and after the update that the lockout has happened. It doesn’t seem like a major problem but some users are annoyed by the issue. The phone reboots and then asks for a passcode or PIN. It should be a normal behavior but some phone owners are being asked even if they haven’t set a code before.

Galaxy S10 phone owners have shared on Samsung and Reddit forums their experiences. It’s not clear what the trigger was except the problems started happening after running the last software update. It didn’t happen immediately after an update and it’s not exclusive to one carrier only.

A mix of AT&T and Verizon mobile consumers have noted the issue. So far, only those S10 phone owners in the US have reported the problem. The thread on the official Samsung forum has several related inquiries and complaints.

A reply from an official Samsung employee has listed instructions on how to reboot into recovery mode. This can then be done to factory reset the phone.

Samsung Care Ambassador Rydah wrote the following:
• Press and hold the Power+Vol Down button until the screen turns off.
• As soon as the screen shuts off, Press and hold Power+Bixby+Vol Up to boot into recovery mode.
• Use the volume buttons to navigate up/down.
• Select the Factory data reset option>Press power to select>Press power to confirm.
• Once complete, select the reboot to system option.

You may need to enter the original Google account to activate the phone again. Remembering your Google account is crucial. The safe mode may also be helpful so feel free to try that and receive temporary access.