Last week we covered an embarrassing mistake in the Samsung Tab OS department that mistakenly labeled the devices home button as “Porn.” The actual button wasn’t a random error, “Porn” was actually short for “Pornie” which means Home in Romanian.

The device was headed to Romania, and that’s when the screenshots leaked. A few hours ago @SamsungMobileRo took the issue to twitter stating that from now on the Home button will be named ‘Acasa’ to avoid any further misunderstandings.

“@samsunghub ‘Galaxy Tab cought with a Porn button’ the button is now named ‘Acasa’ (rom. Home) in order to avoid any missunderstandings :]”

A happy ending to a funny misunderstanding. Samsung sure did a great job with it’s time to explanation and then the time to the actual fix.

[Via TheNextWeb]