We haven’t seen the Galaxy Home released in the market yet but based on its specs and Samsung’s marketing as well, we know it will be a premium product. But it looks like the Korean OEM may be a bit worried that they won’t be able to sell as many units as they can. The rumor now is that they are developing another smart speaker that will be relatively cheaper but also probably less powerful than the soon to be released smart device.

A new Bixby speaker model SM-V310 has been spotted but the only thing that is known so far is that it will come in the color black. And based on that model number, that it will be somewhat “lesser” than the Galaxy Home which carries a model number of SM-V510. It can also mean that they are actually working on a series of smart speakers, which isn’t really surprising given the trend right now, although they might have arrived a little later than their competitors.

The Galaxy Home still hasn’t been released in the market yet although we already know the specs as it has been officially announced. It will have eight microphones, AKG audio, directing a sound to where the speaker is, and of course a classy-looking design. The first Bixby-powered speaker still does not have a price tag but we’re already expecting it to be expensive.

The supposedly Galaxy Home mini that has been spotted will probably have fewer microphones and maybe lesser features like not having a subwoofer. There are some things that will have to be sacrificed of course so that it can be more affordable for the general public. Also, having a Bixby-powered speaker will help more users to get on board their digital assistant and other smart services.

SM-V310 will probably have Bixby 2.0 out of the box but hopefully it will be better than the version that is now available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. We may also see an announcement or unveiling during the Consumer Electronic Show happening in a couple of weeks’ time, together with the Galaxy Home.

VIA: SAM Mobile