Raise your hand if you think that we need another new Samsung smartphone series that is hard to distinguish from the other series? Show of hands? No one? Well, apparently, the Korean OEM felt that we needed another one as reports are saying they will be launching two new smartphones under a new line that will be called Galaxy O. We still have no clear idea what the differences are between some of the lines, except that Samsung might be trying to complete the alphabet when it comes to smartphone lines.

Having previously launched some lines like the Galaxy A, Galaxy E, and Galaxy J, we might be welcoming the Galaxy O pretty soon. They are reportedly working on two new smartphones now, the SM-G550 and the SM-G600, which may be called the Galaxy O5 and the Galaxy O7. There aren’t any further information about these devices other than their supposed name and no specs available at the moment so everything is still up in the air.

Samsung started adding more and more smartphone lines since 2014, in a bid to reclaim the market that has been seemingly lost to other Android phone makers. The problem is that the lines are launched so close to each other that people are having a hard time understanding the “personality” and the specs of each of them, let alone the specs.

But okay, let’s give them the be benefit of the doubt when it comes to this allegedly new Samsung Galaxy O line. Should we find out more information, we’ll let you know.

VIA: SAM Mobile