Peeling themselves from Google reliance, Samsung is reported to be in talks with Deezer to bring the service to their handsets. The French company offers a music streaming service, and says they have 12 million customers worldwide. That may not be all that attracts Samsung to the table, either.

Deezer is available many places, but not the US — yet. Reports suggest Deezer will attempt to bring their offerings to the US sometime in 2014, giving Samsung a new look for music. If Deezer and Samsung work out a deal, it means Samsung almost instantly has a fairly robust music service on their devices, as Deezer has over 30 million titles int heir library.

The French service also has a unique take on subscriptions, offering their library up for free for 12 month before asking for an upgrade. They also offer a paid service, wherein users get unlimited ad-free streaming. For Samsung, this gives them a much better presence that they currently have.

It also gives them a semi-proprietary service outside the realm of GAPPS. Reports also suggest Samsung is interested in taking a pice of Deezer’s pie as part of the deal, making them partners in the service. From there, who knows how it would shake out. What’s clear is that Samsung is oddly set on having their own services, even if they copy what Google is already doing.