For some reason, just a little over a month ago, Samsung announced that users will only be able to use free Galaxy themes for a limited time. You only had two weeks to use it before you would have to buy it already or just switch to another theme. There really wasn’t a clear explanation for that decision but it looks like they have temporarily stopped that. The notice about the fourteen-day trial seems to have disappeared right now, but there’s no news yet if this is just a temporary reprieve.

The 14-day limit was announced early November and was obviously not received enthusiastically by those who love using these free themes on their devices. It wasn’t a major issue for some as you can always just choose another theme for the next two weeks and not have to pay for any of them. Samsung was probably hoping to help monetize this for them and the designers as well but may have eventually realized that people weren’t that willing to pay for themes anyway.

So apparently, now they have removed any trace of the 14-day limit. There is no mention anywhere in the Samsung Themes app and the reminder button when you apply the free theme cannot be seen anymore. There is no official word from Samsung as to whether this is for good or they’re just letting us have the free themes for now.

There’s also the possibility that the limit will once again be implemented when Android Pie eventually rolls out for all users. Right now, it’s still in the beta version and we still don’t have a clear idea as to when the stable version will be available for flagship devices first and then eventually for all supported Samsung devices. So for now, just enjoy using the free themes for as long as you can.

VIA: SAM Mobile