Research firm Canalys has released numbers regarding the smartphone market in China. As expected, Samsung maintained its number one spot, but it was an incredibly close race. Apple, who previously sat in fifth place on the list during Q2, has fallen off the market completely.

The battle between number one Samsung and number two Lenovo was an intense one. Samsung managed to ship 14-percent of the nations smartphones, while Lenovo shipped 13-percent. That’s an incredible 1-percent difference between the two companies. It’s clear that Lenovo is making a serious push into the Chinese smartphone market.

A Chinese company called Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific came in third on the list. Yulong sells smartphones under the brand Coolpad. According to the analysts, the company’s success came from their lower-end devices that retail for under $100. After Yulong, ZTE and Huawei rounded out the list.

Spots three through five were extremely close, with Yulong, ZTE, and Huawei each having roughly 10% of the market. Smartphone shipments in China for Q3 reached over 50 million units. China actually accounted for over one-third of the world’s total smartphone shipments.

[via SlashGear]