Samsung has recently released the AllShare Framework SDK, which in theory, could help to add features to third-party apps. You see, while Samsung has the AllShare apps, up until this point, third party developers were unable to add AllShare support in their apps. Anyway, with the release of this SDK, developers will be able to create AllShare-capable apps.

The development and the apps that come as a result will be left up to the individual, however Samsung has said the the main features of the SDK include media sharing, screen sharing and control sharing. These are basically what the names imply. The media sharing will allow the user to share media stored on their device with another device. This sharing includes movies, music and images with other DLNA compatible devices.

The screen sharing will allow the user to share their display in real-time. The screen sharing will be shareable over any HDMI enabled TV using a dongle or Wi-Fi Display compatible device. Finally, the control sharing will be for things such as a remote.

Anyway, while there could be a wide variety of uses for these APIs, Samsung has managed to include the Smart TVs in all aspects. All that being said, with all the Samsung devices that have been sold over the recent months, it seems only logical to thing that there are more than a few developers that will be willing to create some useful AllShare-capable apps.

[via Samsung]