For those productivity junkies who like having their Samsung mobile devices docked for access to their monitors using the DeX experience, the news that the Galaxy Note 9 can be used without a dock was very much welcome. Aside from the fact that the DeX dock was pretty expensive, having just a dongle to connect is pretty convenient. Now Samsung is letting the USB-C to HDMI dongle available for purchase through Amazon.

There are mixed feelings about the Galaxy Note 9 but this dock-less DeX feature was met pretty well. There are a lot of people who want to have a seamless experience across a bigger monitor and even a TV screen and their flagship mobile device and using just a dongle to connect the two is much preferable than buying a separate dock and putting your phone there to access it on your monitor.

This official dongle can support up to UHD and 4K screens with a 60Hz refresh rate. It is compatible with several Samsung devices that have a USB-C port and uses HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 standards. While you can connect and mirror your device on the monitor or screen, you can only use the DeX experience through the dongle with the Galaxy Note 9. We don’t know if a future update to the other devices will also bring support for the dock-less DeX access.

You actually don’t need to get this Samsung dongle to be able to use your Galaxy Note 9 with DeX. You can just get any USB-C to HDMI dongle that you can buy at electronics stores. You will get a notification on your phone recommending that you use an official Samsung accessory, but you can just ignore that if you’re happy with your regular (probably cheaper) dongle.

But if you prefer to use an official Samsung accessory, then you’ll have to get this new USB-C to HDMI dongle from Amazon. You’ll only have to pay $31 for it anyway.

VIA: GSM Arena