One of the things that Samsung has been touting about its newly-announced new flagship, the Galaxy S6, is how great the camera is, both rear and front-facing one. While 16 megapixels (5 megapixles for the “selfie” front one) may not seem much, it’s definitely more than just those numbers that count. The OEM released the official camera samples from their newest smartphone, and it looks like they might have hit the jackpot, based on these few photos at least.

The main camera does not have just the 16MP to boast of (well, you really can’t boast much about it, if megapixel count is all you’re looking at). It also comes with optimal image stabilization (a must have if you’re taking action shots or fast moving things) and automatic HDR. It also has F/1.9 aperture and an LED flash so that taking pictures in low-light settings will not be a hassle.

The front-facing camera, which is now more popularly known as the selfie cam, has 5MP but also an F/1.9 aperture that can also give you better photos when you’re in a situation where low lighting is inevitable. An aperture of that level also brings you shallower depth of field so you can focus easier. And based on these sample images, their claims may just be right.

Aside from those specs for the Galaxy S6’s camera, you can now launch the camera quicker by double pressing the home button (you won’t get the S Voice now if you do that). They claim that it will bring you the camera up in just 0.7 seconds.

VIA: GSM Arena