If you’re living in France and you’re a fashion trendy kind of gadget freak, then you might have just found your Christmas gift for yourself. Samsung announced they are releasing a limited edition leather back Galaxy Alpha, making one of their best-designed smartphones even more beautiful. This is a collaborative project between the OEM and French design firm Free Lance, with the design provided by Jean-Baptiste Rautureau, best known for his leather shoe designs.

There are four leather back designs available, with probably all of them appealing to both sexes (even the two with a tiny flower emblem in them). They will come with a certificate of authenticity, which you can wave in front of someone who accuses you of having a faux leather case for your device. There are only 100 units for sale for each of the four designs, so it will be a race of who can snap up these 400 units immediately (and who has the means to do so).

Other than the design, the specifications of the smartphone remains the same as with other Galaxy Alphas. It will have a 4.7-inch 720p HD display with Super AMOLED capacitative touchscreen and will run on a Exynos 5 Octa processor, having a 2GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. In terms of mobile photography, you’ll enjoy its 12MP main camera but maybe not its 2.1MP front-facing one. It also has several special Samsung features like S Health, a heart rate sensor, Ultra Power Saving Mode, and a fingerprint scanner.

Although it will be on sale in France only, if you’re crafty and determined enough, you might just be able to get one of these through other means. Just be ready to shell out 649 euros or around $790, which is around $300 more expensive than its current market price in Europe.

VIA: SammyHub