This video features a company retreat held by a boss who’s got out-of-the-ordinary or “extreme,” if you will, in mind, as he decides that his group will head up to The Andes in Peru, the place in the mountains they appear going to being at 16,000 ft above sea level. FUN FACT: the highest point in the Andes mountain range is Mt. Aconcagua at about 22,841 feet. The retreat features foolish employees attempting to hunt for food, check stock prices with indigenous citizens, and carving presentations into wood.

Of course, this whole situation is relieved when Galaxy Tabs are bestowed upon them. Then they can check stocks, read the newspaper, and communicate with their long-lost family members. One guy even uses a mountain map to find his way back out to civilization. There’s a joke about video conferencing with a potential client while covered in animal pelts and mud, and a nice photo opportunity (with the Tab) at the end. Lovely.”580px” height=”350px”EoHtvu3aDtA[/youtube]

[Via EuroDroid]