Smartphone wallpapers are usually something the average person doesn’t really think about. Well, unless you’re very particular with what you see on your home screen or lock screen. And when you have a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its Infinity-O display with that front camera punch hole, you have room to play around with the wallpaper that you choose. The Korean OEM has partnered with Disney to release a new range of background wallpapers featuring characters from The Incredibles, Frozen and Zootopia.

Even if not everyone is a fan of that notch at the upper right corner of your Galaxy S10, some have found a work-around, either by coming up with wallpapers and even apps to hide the notch or, as with these new ones from Disney and Pixar, they have just played around with the design and incorporated the hole in the actual wallpaper. They’re pretty creative so it may make you less annoyed with that punch hole.

The Infinity-O display of the Galaxy S10 gives you an almost 100% full screen experience as it covers the entire front side of your smartphone. Well, we say almost because as we said, there’s that punch hole there which you need to take selfies of course. But Samsung says the “precise laser cutting techniques” has made it possible to put it there and not distract you from having a “cinematic viewing experience”.

The new wallpapers from Disney and Pixar feature Olaf’s head coming out of the hole, Jack Jack trying to laser eyes the hole out of existence (which a lot of people want to do), Mickey Mouse’s ears “covering up” the hole, Flash in front of the DMV with the hole part of the signage, and Violet holding up the hole or something.

If you don’t like the Disney ones, there are tons of other Samsung wallpapers for the Galaxy S10 on the Galaxy Store, although not all of them are free. At least the Disney ones are free of charge for Galaxy S10 users.