If you’re using the Samsung Internet browser on your mobile device, there are a lot of new features to get excited about. They are releasing it in the beta version for now but the stable one is expected to roll out later this year. A lot of the new functionalities being tested out are mostly to support the Infinity Display panels but there is still something for everyone, no matter what Samsung device you’re using. The update will also include support for several first party and third party extensions.

One of the things that will benefit everyone is a warning message that will show up when a website asks you for permission requests. Not all those requests are beneficial to users so the warning will show up in the UI especially when it’s a misleading notification that may be harmful to you if you accept it. The Secret Mode of the Samsung Internet browser will now also offer a more detailed explanation of how it protects your privacy. You will also now see a Secret Mode icon next to the address bar so you’ll know if you’re browsing on that mode.

You will now be able to double-tap to pause or play videos if you’re in the video assistant full-screen mode. Just tap on the center area of your screen so you don’t need to search for the play and pause button while watching. You will also be able to easily edit your bookmark title right from the toast notification so it will be easier to search for it later on. If the status bar is a little bit pesky for you, you’ll have the option to hide or show the status bar while you’re viewing websites. There are other smaller things like enabling high contrast mode when you’re on dark mode, a new sleek tab design, seeing the icons of the search engines, and detailed history of apps allowed on Samsung Internet.

Another new thing for version 13 is the expansion of support for add-ons. There are new API modules like WebRequest, Proxy, Cookies, Types, History, Alarms, Privacy, Notifications, Permissions, Idle and Management. Because of these modules, you get things like on-device translation for English, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese, NordVPN extension, Dashlane extension for password managers, and other upcoming first and third-party extensions.

Lastly, the Samsung Internet browser will eventually be integrating the changes that OneUI 3 will bring, like immersive scrolling, expandable app bar for bookmarks, saved pages, etc, and bringing the more menu button down to the lower bar. Basically, it should make it easier to browse using just one hand. You can now download the beta version or wait for the stable version 13 later this year.