The days of Samsung trying to convince Galaxy owners to upgrade to their latest Galaxy release is far from over. Some users have noted that once again, the Korean OEM has been spamming its users with various marketing materials fro the recently announced Galaxy Note 10. The problem is that they sometimes send multiple notifications in one day and through various pre-installed applications on user’s devices like Bixby, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Push Service. It looks like they’re going all out to market the new phablet but it’s annoying their existing user base.

According to Android Police, Samsung has been sending notifications to some pre-installed apps with the obvious marketing ploy of getting them more interested in the Galaxy Note 10. Bixby will ask you if you want it to tell you all about the phablet. Samsung Pay will give you points if you take a look at the product page. Samsung Push Service pushes a banner ad of the new smartphone at you. If you have all three on your device this means you may receive as many as 3 notifications in a day.

What is even more annoying is that in the case of Bixby, it won’t let you disable the alerts the usual way. Normally, you will hold down on a notification to disable it but a user showed screenshot that says “These notifications can’t be turned off”. You will have to go to the Bixby menu settings and then set the “marketing notifications” to off. As for the other notifications, there aren’t reports that they can’t be disabled yet.

While Samsung will obviously heavily market the $900+ phablet, sending marketing materials to those who already have their Galaxy devices may just backfire based on the gathered tweets in the Android Police article. People do not appreciate having constant notifications about the Note 10 on their Galaxy device when they’re already seeing several ads and marketing materials all over.

Once the Galaxy Note 10 hits the market and we’ll see initial sales numbers, we’ll see if this marketing strategy will actually work for them.