Samsung continues to improve on current technology, this time putting out a device component that could show up in your smartphones and mobile devices in the near future. We’re talking about the new 6GB LPDDR4 RAM that Samsung has just produced from its foundries, made with the newer 10 nanometer process.

We all know that most current generation devices top out at around 4GB of RAM. That’s almost more RAM than a device knows what to do with. But with the advent of apps and components that require more resources from the phone, we wouldn’t be surprised if 6GB of RAM starts becoming a trend. Because there’s 6GB of it, this means better performance for your phone. And because it was made with the newer 10nm process, this means it is more energy efficient than anything Samsung can offer at this point.


“In the ever-changing mobile market, innovation is to promote the sustainable development using the same power,” says Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung. “Samsung will, through continuous technological innovation, maintain differentiated products and services.” Samsung’s mobile boss is hinting at the fact that battery power and technology will probably be the same in the next few years, so it is important to put out elements that will use power better and more efficiently.


The timing of the announcement is not lost on us as well. There have been a lot of rumors that the upcoming Samsung phablet flagship, the Galaxy Note 6, will carry 6GB RAM with it. It is a huge possibility that this new technology will debut as part of the Note 6 when it launches.

VIA: The Next Rex