Uh oh, we have some rather small but bad news this afternoon. Samsung has apparently changed the MHL-HDMI port on the Galaxy S III in a way that existing adapters for HD video-output will not work. This means that those who previously owned a MHL adapter from a previous phone like the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Nexus, or multiple HTC phones it will not work with Samsung’s latest and greatest.

Now if you’re asking yourself wait, isn’t that the micro-USB port pictured above? Yes, yes it is. Many recent phones have adapted the MHL standard, where micro-USB ports double as an HDMI-out using MHL and can output video even while charging your phone. Basically mirroring your phone to a HDTV or monitor. Now you’ll have to buy the new Samsung MHL adapter and won’t be able to use previous ones.

This was first reported by the folks over at The Clove, and has since been stirring up a little bit of discussion. MHL is billed as a new industry standard yet Samsung has made this their own. Our friends and sister site SlashGear has confirmed old MHL adapters no longer work, and that Samsung is selling a new one priced at $39 for the Galaxy S III.

This isn’t a very good move on Samsung’s part if you ask me, and I bet I’m not alone with that thought. Many Galaxy S II owners will have to buy a new adapter should they pick up this flagship phone from Samsung later this month.

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