Samsung has been surprisingly good about posting the source code for their smartphones. They quickly posted the details for the international Galaxy S III model once it was released, and now have made available the code for the US models over on AT&T and T-Mobile — just days before the official release.

Samsung did the same thing with multiple versions of their Galaxy S II as well, making it available before the device even hit the streets. We wish all manufactures would do the same. Mainly HTC and Motorola but that probably won’t be happening any time soon. We are glad someone helps out the developer community around here.

AT&T’s model goes by SGH-I747M, while T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III flavor is the SGH-T999V as shown above. In the usual fashion the open source files are available to download from Samsung’s open source site. The links below can direct you to each model. Now developers can start diving in and preparing ROM’s for the phones. Hopefully this helps out that CyanogenMod 9 progress too.

T-Mobile SGH-T999V

[via Android Police]


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