During its heyday, Photobucket was one of the most popular photos app out there, and was one of the best ways of organizing your images online. But suddenly, the competition got stiffer, and other better and more powerful photo organizing apps came our way and the website/service lost a bit of significance. Now, it’s back with a vengeance, at least for Samsung Galaxy devices, as it teams up with the Korean OEM to create an app that can go up against Google Photos.

The Photobucket for Samsung app basically functions as your photo repository, hosted on the Photobucket infrastructure and using the technology that allows you to auto-upload in the background, organize all these photos with ease, and of course, protect the privacy of your personal images, even as it is hosted on the cloud. Galaxy owners get free “unlimited” photo storage of high resolution photos, at least for six months.

If you wish to go beyond that, and if you’re already dependent on this app to organize your photos, then you’d have to purchase individual prints to bring the storage to 12 months. There are also special offers exclusive to Samsung Galaxy owners, including a 30% discount on paid services for the initial run. Photo bucket for Samsung also has a print service, since seeing your digital pictures printed out is an in-thing nowadays.

While of course the audience of Photobucket for Samsung is limited to owners of Galaxy devices, it still is a step up from the native photo browser/storage of your device. It gives users a chance to use just one app in managing, storing, and even sharing the photos you have on your device.

SOURCE: Photobucket