Samsung multi-plane display patent illustration copy

The Samsung Galaxy Fold’s time to shine is still on hold as the South Korean tech giant has recalled some units of the foldable phone given to the press for review. Samsung has been working on the foldable-flexible screen for years and now that the Samsung foldable phone is here, there are some issues that surfaced. Apparently, the flexible display was breaking on some units. The company has pushed market release to June and we’re expecting everything will be okay by then.

Samsung is also working on other foldable phones but we’ll have to wait for them until the technology is near perfect. For now, we’ll excite ourselves over upcoming innovations and designs like this set sighted on USPTO.

The tech giant is believed to be working on a dual screen display for a new smartphone. Such patent was filed in 2016. It was for an “electronic device having multiple of displays and method for controlling the same”. It was approved and published only on April 25, 2019 in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO).

The mysterious and unnamed device shows a multi-plane display–both front and back. This could be a foldable phone in the making but with a different mechanism.

The patent also shows three display parts, not just two. They can then be merged into one giant screen. There is a physical button in front but in the future, it can be removed in favor of an on-screen fingerprint sensor.

We can’t say what will be the final positions of the cameras. There can be multiple cameras at the back, one or dual selfie shooters, and more. We’re thinking triple or quad rear shooters similar to the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy A9. Samsung can also consider adding dual selfies so there will be multiple cameras. Three or four cameras may not just be enough but we’ll see.