Samsung is introducing a new app with an old concept for its stylus-enabled smartphones. The new PEN.UP Android app brings in a touch of social networking to connect creatives and doodlers all over the world to showcase, share, and inspire one another with masterpieces made using their S Pen.

Social networking is undeniably a part of the connected life today and our devices are full of services catering to various forms and and content such as text statuses, music, videos, and photos. A service dedicated especially to artwork and sketches, especially on mobile devices are, on the other hand, rare and few in between. Samsung, who has taken the stylus seriously with its S Pen, is probably in the best position to try and fill in that vacuum.

PEN.UP is a social networking service like any other. Uses can setup their personal feeds containing their latest works of art or ideas. Of course, they can also follow the activities of other users of the service as well. Images can be grouped thematically into Series. Interestingly, PEN.UP also displays a competitive streak with its Hall of Fame leaderboard-type system, where members vie for the top spot and the title of being the best of the best.

The app is available for free but is most likely compatible with a limited number of Samsung’s S Pen devices, such as the Galaxy Note II. It is, however, tipped to come pre-installed on the new Galaxy Note 3.

Download: PEN.UP on Google Play Store
VIA: TalkAndroid