There are several mobile payment platforms out there but if you have a higher-end Samsung device, then you’re probably using Samsung Pay (well, if you like their products of course). Last year they said that they are partnering with Paypal so you can use your digital wallet to make online and offline payments. However that didn’t materialize soon after the announcement and it is only now that they have finally made the support available. Users can now connect their Paypal to their Samsung Pay account.

In order to use your PayPal wallet on your smartphone, you will have to create a top-up card on your Samsung Pay app. On the home screen, tap on the + button and then “Add Paypal” in the “Add payment card” section. If you already have OneTouch on your phone, you will already have all your details there. If not, you’ll have to manually input your credentials. Press next and then you will have to create a pin for your in-store purchases. Choose your debit or bank finding source to top up your account. After that, you’re all set.

After that, you can now use your smartphone to pay for your purchases in brick and mortar stores, as long as they support either NFC or MST, meaning anywhere you can tap or swipe a card. Paypal still won’t send your actual payment information to the merchants. Instead they use a virtual account number to represent your account information. Samsung Pay also employs biometric authentication, tokenization of payment credentials and of course the Knox security platform.

When you use Paypal through your Samsung Pay, you’ll be able to earn points for your Samsung Rewards program. So if you like collecting rewards through it and you also like your PayPal, then this will be an ideal solution for you.

SOURCE: Samsung