Samsung Pay

Believe it or not, we knew this would happen—the time when contactless payments will be needed more than ever. It’s a sad situation in most parts of the world but it’s also the best time for online business. You see, online shopping has become a hit especially in the past few weeks now that millions of people everywhere in the world are requested to stay home due to the pandemic. E-commerce is flourishing these days and we can expect online advertising, delivery, and logistics will further improve.

Of course, a lot of adjustments must be made. Businesses that didn’t have an online presence before must join the bandwagon. They must consider many things including mobile payment services.

One convenient way we can recommend is Samsung Pay. The service has been around since the year 2015 and now, Samsung wants to improve it with new innovation. Samsung Pay’s goal has always been to “make everyday life easier”. The South Korean tech giant wants the consumers to “focus on what’s most important” so it’s offering solutions like the Samsung Pay.

Samsung believes the smartphone is the most powerful tool one can have and use. It lets you do many things. It offers productivity in more ways like managing finances. Mobile payments are convenient and faster now with the mobile app that sends and receives payment with a few clicks.

Samsung Pay used to depend on built-in magnetic secure transmission technology (MST) and NFC. But now, you only need a mobile app. It already includes a rewards program and Cashback service. Samsung has also managed to team up with several financial institutions so Samsung Pay is accepted anywhere.

To date, about 13 billion Samsung Rewards points have been earned after billions of transactions worldwide. Tap&Pay has been used by millions for public transit. This year, the service will be expanding further.

Samsung Pay is set to introduce am innovative debit card this Summer. The company is currently working with SoFi on this project. More details will be announced soon.


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