You would think that the United Kingdom would be one of the first markets where a mobile payment gateway would be available since it’s one of the bigger markets and mobile usage there is pretty high. But while Android Pay and Apple Pay have already established their ground in the country, apparently Samsung Pay has been a little slower. Rumor is that it will finally make its way to the UK this month, at least according to some of their customer care executives.

One of the readers of an online news site said that two different Samsung representatives have stated that Samsung Pay will be launching in the UK on May 16. Now usually when you ask for the launch of a certain product or service, they will give a time frame or window but rarely will they give a specific date. The fact that they named May 16 in this instance may give credence to the “rumor” but then again, until an official statement comes from Samsung then we shouldn’t trust anything.

Samsung Pay has a distinct advantage over its competitors as it supports both NFC and MST payments so that means a store doesn’t need to buy an additional payment gateway as long as they have a credit card terminal. But of course it is limited to Samsung devices (well at least for now) so that also limits their market, unlike Android Pay.

There is a possibility that May 16 may be an early beta launch or that may be the actual launch so it means it will be testing out earlier this month. Or plans may change, as Samsung often does that as well. So UK residents waiting for Samsung Pay, don’t hold your breath.

VIA: SAM Mobile


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