Samsung Pay

The Samsung Pay mobile payment service has been around since 2015. It launched on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and was made available for other Galaxy phones. Because of its arrival, the Samsung Wallet was discontinued. Trial service began in South Korea but it soon became available in other regions and key markets. Samsung Pay was earlier looking to revitalize OEM and mobile payments market and true enough, the service was a success especially since it was made available on cheaper phones.

Samsung Pay has allowed payments on-the-go. The compatible Samsung phones are limited but we believe more devices will receive the feature.

For those already enjoying Samsung Pay, you will be glad to know that when you are near an NFC terminal, you can finish your shopping right away. Even when a terminal isn’t available, Magnetic Secure Transmission can accept Samsung Pay.

A Samsung Pay app can pull up your Favorite Cards once an NFC payment terminal is nearby. This is useful when you have frequently used cards as Samsung can remember them.

Samsung Pay Favorite Cards can make mobile payments faster and more convenient. The service remembers your information and files them as favorites so you won’t have to scroll and search in the future.

The updated Samsung Pay automatically opens your Favorite Cards when an NFC payment terminal is nearby. It’s faster to use because you only need to do a few taps on the screen.



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