A recently discovered Samsung patent may shed some light on a new device. This isn’t believed to be a new smartphone or wrist wearable, though. The patent in question is thought to be the keyboard for an unannounced head wearable, much like Google Glass.

The patent aims to redefine the keyboard, instead asking that we use our hands as the keyboard rather than on one. By assigning each part of your hand a different letter to touch, thumb typing just got weird. The goal seems to be for us to use our thumbs to touch parts of the other four fingers, which should be a ton of fun if you’ve had a few too many.


Alternately, a one-handed method takes us back to the days before QWERTY keyboards on our mobile devices, instead pounding out morse code on one hand, which is laid out like the letters on a standard numerical keypad. The patent also shows that Samsung aims to have our hands-as-keyboards be touch sensitive, rather than simply hover a finger over the correct section. We’l have to actually press our fingers like they’re buttons. Weird.

What can be said about this? It’s unique, there’s no doubt about that, but also rife with issues. The less dextrous will have an issue here, and they layout is actually really foreign. Go ahead, give it a shot and see how long it takes you to type out a message on your fingers instead of with them. It’s not easy.

The wearable in question, a “Galaxy Glass” type device, is said to be announced later this year. We won’t get excited just yet, as we’ve not even seen a working leak of the headset. If this is the keyboard Samsung expects us to use, though — we’ll pass.

Via: SamMobile