A Samsung patent filing has recently been discovered for a pair of “sport glasses.” This particular filing is coming out of Korea and was registered in October. More to the point though, the fling included some basic details along with a few sketches. These appear like they are similar to Google Glass and the filing mentions smartphone connectivity as well as some of the functionality.

There was mention of these glasses having integrated earphones that would allow the user to take calls and also listen to music. Touching back to the smartphone connectivity and it looks like these will be serving as a second screen for the purpose of incoming alerts and messages. There was also mention of camera lens.


The sketches appear to highlight these features. There are some similarities and based on the sketches, some obvious differences compared to Google Glass. There is one point that stands out at the moment — this appear to have a bit more emphasis on design and the sporty aspect, which is something that Google put less effort into with the Explorer Edition Glass.

Samsung declined to comment with a spokesperson mentioning they do not offer anything on future product plans. Whether these become a product in the future remains to be seen, however considering Samsung has recently released the Galaxy Gear smartwatch we suppose them testing other wearables should not be all that surprising.


Looking at the sketches and there appears to be another item worth questioning — the cable coming out of the sides and running down the back. One could assume this would be a charging cable, however there was no mention of how these connect with the smartphone in the filing. We can only hope this is an early prototype and that cable will be removable and only for charging if these should end up in the hands of consumers.

SOURCE: The Wall Street Journal