A few months ago, Samsung unveiled its new Gear VR headset, and this time, it came with a wireless controller. Based on leaked documents of their patent applications at the USPTO (U.S. Patent & Trademark Office), it looks like that’s not the last accessory that they’re looking at. The Korean OEM is reportedly working on several things including a clear cover case and a multi-touch trackpad attachment. They are also reportedly working on attaching various sensors to the VR headset and using head movements to control drones.

The clear cover case for the Gear VR will probably be for the attached smartphone to be able to take pictures of the “real” world before incorporating it into the virtual world. It will also be able to give you a picture in picture view within the headset. Samsung is also reportedly looking at attaching sensors to the headset so that it can be used for security purposes, like an eye tracker, an iris scanner, or a fingerprint sensor.

The other accessory shown in the patent is a trackpad attachment which can actually be used in various angles and then folded when not necessary anymore. This will be pretty useful in cases where you need to scroll through text or when you would need to “interact” with a virtual object, allowing you to tilt, flip, or zoom in on any of these virtual products.

Of course filing for patents (and even getting them approved) is no guarantee that any of these will reach the market. But it’s interesting to see what things Samsung is looking to do with its Gear VR. Hopefully something will come out of this to attract more VR users.

VIA: SAM Mobile