When Samsung recently launched its mid-range Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, it didn’t actually come with a cover or a Bluetooth keyboard. While you can always use a tablet without those accessories, it still is a bonus when you can turn your mobile device better with just some accessories. Samsung has now partnered with Targus to release a new keyboard case that can turn your tablet into a sort-of laptop for work or productivity purposes. You’ll have to shell out around a hundred dollars though.

The Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite created by Targus will be sold exclusively by Samsung. You get a thin leatherette front cover and a form-fitting tray to encase your tablet. The front part actually folds into a two-way magnetic stand and when you open it into laptop mode, you get two viewing angles. There’s also a magnetic holder for the S Pen that comes with the tablet so hopefully you won’t lose it when you’re using your tablet as a “laptop”.

Of course, it comes with a full QWERTY keyboard as part of the case and it connects to your tablet through the latest Bluetooth 5.0 firmware. The 280mAh battery should give you 100 hours of use when it’s fully charged and up to 120 days if it’s just on battery standby. It will automatically shut off after 10 minutes to make your battery last longer. You can also set the sleep/wake functionality so that the tablet will turn on and off when you open or close the case.

While this Bluetooth keyboard case should not give Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro a run for its money, it’s a pretty good accessory to match your Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. The mid-range tablet should be good enough for basic tablet use for your work or school or even for sketching and designing for artists. Of course if you will just use your tablet for watching movies or browsing, it would still be nice to have a case and keyboard in case you need it to turn into a laptop.

The Targus Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Galaxy Tab 6 is priced at $99.99 and will be sold at Samsung.com and select Samsung retail stores. You can get it in black, blue and silver colors.