Virtual reality and 360-degree videos are a huge part of various OEMs plans for the next few years. Samsung has been one of those pushing for products and services that will appeal to the general public. Still part of their recent release of the new Samsung Gear 360, they have now partnered with viral media companies BuzzFeed and NowThis to make more creative ways of storytelling and even bringing the news, all in a 360-degree platform.

What these two companies will be doing is to create “stackable” content (probably meaning easy on the eyes and not too long or deep) for people to either get their information or even get the news. Video content will range from how to kind of videos to live 360-degree moments at major events, and yes, breaking news stories as well. BuzzFeed will focus more on the viral stuff and every day experiences that are true to their brand but will also bring you current information with BuzzFeed News.

Meanwhile Now This will bring 360-degree city cityscapes that should make you feel like you are actually there. You will also even get exclusive access to new places you may have never heard of before and explore ancient traditions as well, without having to step out of your house. Hopefully though, experiencing these things in 360 degrees will inspire you to someday visit the real thing.

This partnership with Samsung is expected to produce 140 new pieces of content and should reach more than 300 million consumers. Younghee Lee, CMO and Executive Vice President for Samsung Electronics said, “Our 360-degree and virtual reality technologies enable more interactive storytelling to help consumers gain a deeper understanding of the world.”

SOURCE: Samsung