There is absolutely no lack of information regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S9. All these leaks and spec lists floating around the interwebs and you probably have a good idea how the Galaxy S9 will look like and what internal hardware it will sport. That said, the new technology underneath all those specs will probably only be clearer upon launch. And here is Samsung teasing new camera tech before the Galaxy S9’s unveiling next month, which makes us wonder if this new Isocell technology is going straight to the new flagship phone.

From the specification leaks, we all know that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will purportedly have a single 12MP main camera while the Galaxy S9+ will reportedly go dual camera. But aside from these, we don’t know much about the feature set of said cameras – only that Samsung is bent on “re-imagining” the S9’s camera. But what does that even mean? Maybe this new Isocell technology will make its way to the Galaxy S9.

Samsung says in a newly discovered page in its semiconductor site that the Isocell Fast line of sensors will feature a new phase-detecting autofocus which will allow them to “identify the distance of fast-moving objects even in low light for faster and accurate auto focusing. Beyond that, Isocell Fast’s 3-stack fast readout sensor will be capable of recording full HD video at 480 frames per second, improving slow motion capture over its predecessors.”

Even the Isocell Slim sensor line and the Isocell Dual also have new features to boast about. So it feels like the Galaxy S9 camera will have a lot of new things going for it, if Samsung is to apply these new technologies to the new flagship. You’re excited about the Galaxy S9, we can tell.

VIA: SlashGear



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